😵‍💫 How does it work? 😵‍💫

You can click, drag, and scroll to move the camera around the garden. You can also click on a mushroom to view its meaning—every mushroom contains unique information. If a mushroom’s image is too small, you can click on it for a better look.

What is this?

This is:

A Website That’s Kindof a Blog and Sharing Space and Garden and Also a Strange Digital Fungal Growth Site

A Collective Macrodefinition of “Shelter”


(It’s also a constant W.I.P.. But that’s part of the fun!)

Hand Coded and Assembled With Love By


The Goal (I Think)

Maybe to make a website and design project that feels a little less lonely—to create a broader, more complex, organic, and flexible collective definition of shelter while also creating a meta-shelter within the site itself...

How To Submit

To submit content you can send an email to basilgrowingoutside@gmail.com or go to this submission form. If submitting through email, please make sure to specify the name/link/handle you would like to be credited for the submission (or if you’d prefer to stay anonymous that’s fine).

How does it work?

I take your submission, check it for any major issues, and manually “plant” it within the Fairy Ring. Since I’m doing this all by hand, it might take a little while for your submission to appear, but I promise I’ll get to it! :)

Special Thanks To:

Gail, Candice, Roman,

All my incredible classmates and peers,

Anyone and everyone who has submitted anything <3,

and Eli for including this site in their show “The Portal is Now”