Lyle Ostling : sysmap

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Directory updated:
l.o.S.E.A., BH


  1. solarsite.
    centerpoint of system. gravity source.
  2. Lyle Ostling — Home. /home
  3. binder, seeds.
    scraps, fragments, dust, folder ephemera. collated and bound into virtual 3-ring binder.
  4. io.
    Heifer, former moon, stone tablet. Atmospheric and terrestrial exploration in progress. Publication pending...
  5. Instagram. @basilgrowingoutside
  6. lyle-ostling
    Images, thinking, rabbithole research.
  7. Vimeo. basilgrowingoutside
    miscellaneous video and motion projects
  8. Tumblr. @basiillll
  9. With Love,. /playground/withlove
    Digital valentine, ASCII heart.
  10. Shelter — Fairy Ring. /fairyring
    CalArts BFA4 project. Exploration into community web building, spreading spores and growing digital fungus.
  11. The Gate. /thegate
    Experimental choose-your-own-adventure web exhibition. Publication pending...