ethan östling

Los Angeles based designer born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I'm currently studying, running, jumping, working, & making my way towards a BFA in graphic design at California Institute of the Arts.

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Project Details ——— T-Shirt Show 2020!

T-Shirt Show is an annual CalArts Graphic Design tradition, typically organized and hosted by volunteer members of the GD BFA3 class. For 2020’s show, I had the joy of working alongside my peers Chandler Sutton and Tiana Li to keep the tradition alive, organizing, promoting, and executing the show itself. Some context, for the uninitiated: every year, the T-Shirt Show collects designs from a wide range of current students, faculty, and alumni and then screen prints them onto white t-shirts, tote bags, and for the first time ever, hats, to sell to the CalArts Student Body during a night of excitement and festivities—with all proceeds feeding directly back into the design department to fund future events and equipment costs. Documented here is some of the promotional material I contributed to the project, our "promo wall" near the CalArts cafeteria (featuring a giant shirt fabricated by Chandler and designed by Tiana as well as a myriad of posters and flyers), some behind-the-scenes of the printing and preparation for the show, and event photos from the show itself. To unify all of our promotional material, we settled on the consistent use of process red to print all of our materials, and tried to channel a fun, irreverant energy throughout, with a set of posters focused solely on "T" puns. The entire process was exhausting, exciting, and immensely rewarding, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work on it with such remarkable peers and friends. E.T.C. March 2020.