Los Angeles based designer born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Currently running & jumping my way towards a BFA in graphic design at California Institute of the Arts.

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Project Details ——— To Grow as a Fungus: A Digital Fairy Ring

This started as an assignment based around the word Shelter, and then blossomed into a long-running passion project around the idea of community and sharing. The core idea was that the word shelter is so charged, and can carry vastly different meanings depending on who you ask—it seemed impossible to settle on one static dictionary definition—so I planned to build a space where the idea of a definition could be stretched and could morph into a more abstract discussion, archived for anyone to revisit and contribute to at any time @ basilgrowingoutside.com/fairyring

The entire fairy ring site was designed and hand-built by me—each mushroom is modeled and manually placed within the ring. Modeling and texturing was done in Blender, and the website’s code (beyond basic html+css) is written using javascript, specifically jquery and three.js. Initiated October 2020, site published March 2021. Ongoing.

Much of this project grew from a desire to interact and host content with other people outside of predetermined, often capital-driven social media platforms where “content” becomes a means to an end rather than a way for people to express ideas. I hoped (and hope) this website will act as a small, intentionally slowed vision of the internet where each idea exists not to satisfy an algorithm and then phase out of existence, but to grow naturally as a part of a small community. With that said, I still used social media to promote the opening of the website and submission forms. You can look at the full “carousel” post in action here. Some of the ideation process can be seen below.