Los Angeles based designer born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Currently running & jumping my way towards a BFA in graphic design at California Institute of the Arts.

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To Grow as a Fungus: A Digital Fairy Ring

An interactive, community-driven macro-definition of the word “Shelter”, contextualized as a ring of fungus. Every mushroom in the circle represents one user submitted definition, which is revealed when clicked.

Paul Soulellis / Q.A.W. Visiting Designer Posters

A moving poster triptych for Paul Soulellis of Queer.Archive.Work, speaking for the CalArts Graphic Design Visiting Designer Lecture Series in Spring 2021.

CalArts Printing Survival Guide

Instructional reference guide to familiarize incoming BFA1 CalArts Graphic Design students with departmental printers/print services and provide general technical printing support.

CalArts Halloween 2020 Poster

Digital Daemon 4-color poster for an online adaptation of the legendary annual CalArts Halloween Party.

CalArts Halloween 2020 Instagram Presence

As all the lead up to the 2020 Halloween party happened online, I worked with Tiana Li to design a series of instagram posts to advertise the upcoming online events.

Artists 4 Democracy: Kandis Williams

Flyer for a visiting artist talk by Kandis Williams, addressing the relationship of art and the artist to the structures of oppression in the american political system.

T-Shirt Show 2020!

Promotional material, organization, and production for the annual CalArts Graphic Design T-Shirt Show alongside Tiana Li and Chandler Sutton.

ZINES: 2020–2021

Assorted snippets of an ongoing series of “sketchbook” zines, made from scraps of other projects, drawings, small bits of writing, and general exploratory work.

REDCAT: Alexandra Cuesta - Notas de Cámara (Parte Uno)

CMYK poster for a showing of Alexandra Cuesta’s “Notas de Cámara (Parte Uno)”, Made in collaboration with Allison Hsiao.

Moral Wayfinding Micro-Signage

Mini temporary signage installed in Towsley Canyon with the goal of encouraging hikers to practice environmental respect, made for a wayfinding workshop with Shannon Harvey and Gail Swanlund.

BFA2 solos poster

Promotional poster for the Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance's annual BFA2 Solo Concert recital.

How Many Times?

Javascript-based calculation website attempting to recontextualize the absurd wealth of many present-day billionaires.

REDCAT: Studio Fall 2019

REDCAT quarterly event poster made in collaboration with Tiana Li.

Clique Web Interviews

Web design and coding for a hypothetical culture-forward interview website featuring queer experimental musicians.

CACA Flyers

Flyers and promotional material for the CalArts Collage Association, a club which meets every friday for an evening of collagemaking and fun conversation.

REDCAT: Playful Perversions

REDCAT poster for screening of Gabriel Abrantes' “Playful Perversions” short films event, made in collaboration with Tiana Li.


Brief publication and process specimen for a layered typeface based off of Berthold Wolpe's “Albertus”.

ANIMAL issue 1

The inaugural issue of a new publication focused around ideas of collective identity and communal action. Written, edited, compiled, designed, printed, cut, and hand stapled by me, featuring a myriad of smiley faces illustrated by my friends and peers.

Summer Mix Series

A loose collection of mixtapes and mixtape covers made during Summer 2019, for specific friends and occasions.

GD BBQ 2018

A colorful set of flyers made with Tiana Li for the annual graphic design program barbeque at CalArts.

Shirts 2019—2020

Hand screenprinted t-shirts for a variety of events and topics.

Design Index

A fully researched design textbook/resource, covering everything from historical and contemporary designers to design principles and schools of thought.